Not having to manually clean the litter box is the dream of every cat owner, we love them, but it is quite a tedious job.

And nowadays it is possible to automate this task, a new smart device is triumphing on the market: the automatic self-cleaning litter box.

This type of device makes life much easier for cat owners, as it is able to keep the litter clean without the need for the owner's intervention.

Not just any litter box can really do the job, in this post we will be reviewing Litter-Robot 4, its technology, efficiency, and qualities.

What is Litter-Robot 4?

Litter-Robot 4 is the fourth-generation self-cleaning litter box, it comes equipped with advanced litter sifting technology, real-time monitoring, health information, odor neutralization, and more.

Adjust it to your cat's needs

It has an EasyRead™ control panel with a five-color LED display and indicator lights to manage cleaning schedules and has a default setting of 7 minutes that you can configure at your convenience.

You will keep your cat safe thanks to its detection system to avoid cleaning when the cat is using it, from the moment it enters until it leaves the litter box.

Also, real-time indicators on the level of litter, save you time and effort to check and clean when it is not necessary.

But if you don't want to or can't check it manually, you can also do it remotely! It has Wi-Fi capabilities and thanks to its mobile app allow you to control the sandbox wherever you are from any device.

If your cat is one of those who tends to make a mess with the litter when they use it, litter Robot 4 has that covered, thanks to its fence that helps prevent litter from being thrown out.

The best part? The extra-large hermetically sealed waste drawer that allows you to almost forget about this chore. It only needs to be emptied once every two weeks if you only have one cat.

No bad odors!

The Litter Robot 4 has an OdorTrap™ system that uses charcoal filters and gives you the option of odor-absorbing bead packs to further neutralize odors.

The main globe is designed to be soaked for thorough cleaning and quick assembly. It is also surprisingly quiet and reduced motor noise for self-cleaning cycles.


  • Technology allows you to monitor from a distance.
  • It has space for cats of different sizes.
  • Easy to clean, you only need to clean it a couple of times a week
  • Odor control allows you to place the litter box anywhere in your home.


  • The price can be quite high compared to other litter boxes but based on the results it is worth it.
  • It can be quite large, for some spaces.

If you decide to give it a try, you will never again have to pick up waste with a shovel, just look at your phone and know when it will be necessary to clean it, and you will keep your house clean without noise and odors.