Paws and Claws: A Global Cat History

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00:00:00 The Universal Appeal of Cats
00:00:54 The Origins of Domestication
00:01:48 Cats in Myth and Legend
00:02:48 The Modern-Day Cat Craze
00:03:50 Divine Felines of Ancient Egypt
00:04:57 Cats in Egyptian Daily Life
00:06:03 The Cat's Role in Egyptian Religion
00:07:08 The Cat Goddess Bastet
00:08:16 The Legacy of Egyptian Cats
00:09:33 Medieval European Superstitions
00:10:04 Cats and the Black Plague
00:10:46 The Witch Trials and Cats
00:11:18 Cats in European Art and Literature
00:12:10 Modern European Perspectives on Cats
00:12:41 Cats in Ancient China
00:14:31 Japanese Folklore and Cats
00:15:10 Cats in Modern Japan
00:15:35 The Maneki-neko Phenomenon
00:16:20 Cats in Contemporary Chinese Culture
00:16:52 Cats in Pre-Colonial America
00:18:44 Cats during the Colonial Era
00:19:23 Cats in 19th Century America
00:20:27 Cats in Modern America
00:21:20 The Future of Cats in America
00:21:50 The Enduring Bond Between Cats and Humans
00:23:38 The Global Influence of Cats in Culture and Society
00:25:29 Future Interactions and Technological Innovations
00:27:22 Cats as Symbols of Resilience and Adaptability