Purring Through History: Cats in France

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00:00:00 Cats in French Folklore
00:00:38 Dispelling Myths and Legends
00:01:17 The Cat's Arrival in Gaul
00:01:49 Cats in the Roman Era
00:02:25 Through Wars and Conquests
00:02:56 The Cat in the Middle Ages
00:03:29 The Black Death and Feline Fate
00:04:00 Sanctuary and Survival
00:04:29 The Cat's Slow Return to Grace
00:04:56 Shifting Perceptions
00:05:28 Cats Among the Elite
00:06:56 Cats in the Enlightenment
00:08:36 Breeding and Distinction
00:10:14 The Rise of Cat Cafes in France
00:11:02 The Healing Power of Cats in Modern France
00:12:51 The Modern French Feline
00:13:33 Reflections on a Shared History
00:14:22 Independence and Affection
00:15:08 A Legacy Etched in Stone and Spirit