Delve into a unique facet of Russian culture in this captivating video that explores the deep-rooted affection and respect for cats in Russia. Discover how these furry companions have played crucial roles throughout Russian history, from the Hermitage Museum's resident felines protecting priceless artworks from rodents to heroic cats saving cities from devastation. Be intrigued by tales of feline wisdom and cunning in Russian folklore and witness the enduring bond between humans and their feline companions, symbolized by famous cats like Vaska and Murka. Find out how cats, viewed as family members and bringers of luck, have etched their place in the heart of Russian life. Don't forget to like, share, and comment on the video if you enjoyed it! #CatsInRussia #RussianCulture #HermitageCats


00:00:00 A Land of Feline Affection
00:01:18 Guardians of Art and History
00:02:45 Cats in Russian Life
00:04:14 The Tsar, the Cat, and the Siege
00:05:32 The Kremlin Cats
00:06:48 The Cat That Saved Leningrad
00:08:06 Feline Heroes of the Great Patriotic War
00:09:23 The Russian Cat's Journey
00:10:37 Legends and Personalities
00:12:06 A Love Story of Humans and Felines
00:13:27 The Future of Cats in Russia